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In partnership with the Residential Assisted Living National Association, Redirect Health is providing an affordable alternative to traditional health care, streamlining the path between doctor and patient. Gain access to the care you need with reduced hassle encountered with most healthcare plans. This is redefining healthcare that meets the needs of consumers, not shareholders.

Senior Care - Health And Senior Wellness Is A Team Journey

Senior Care – Health & Wellness is a Team Journey

The health and wellness journey that seniors and their family members experience is a team effort that involves many people.
From RAL home managers and caregivers to doctors and specialists, senior residents are often surrounded by many lines of communication.
In order to ensure that the resident’s health and wellness goals are being met, families need to have a quality plan to navigate and communicate with all involved parties.

Golden Girls Blog Image

Embracing “The Golden Girls Trend” in Residential Assisted Living

Baby boomers are adopting a unique strategy for addressing the cost of living and need for community. Baby boomers have developed much more independence, but rather than living alone or joining a senior community, many of these adults have sought out other seniors to share housing costs and responsibilities. These roommates, or “boommates” maintain their independence while also creating a support community that they can depend on. Residential assisted living can help address these same issues. Not all RAL homes are for those who need 24 hour caregivers present. Many RAL owners are already adopting this “Golden Girls” model and are providing a safe and affordable home for seniors to thrive that embraces their desire for independence while also supporting their need for community.