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Addressing Anxiety and Compulsive Disorders in Seniors

Stress and anxiety are part of life. But what about when it interferes with a person’s ability to just get through the day, and what about when that person is a senior in an assisted living home? The transition from an independent lifestyle to one that requires regular assistance can be a difficult one. In an already stressed life, these new changes can cause further agitation that leads to adverse health conditions. How are you addressing these needs in your seniors?

At Home Caregivers

Simple Facts At-Home Caregivers Should Consider

We set aside the month of November for the observance of National Family Caregivers
Month. This gives us the chance to raise awareness of caregiver issues, celebrate their efforts and sacrifice, and inform communities about how to support these wonderful saints. Providing care around the clock can crowd out other important areas of life, so we also want to remind caregivers of some basic facts to encourage and support them in their work.

What Are The Trends In Senior Living Dining

What Are The Trends In Senior Living Dining?

Dining in senior living communities can be one of the most fun and also most exasperating parts of serving seniors. With the baby boomers starting to enter the Residential Assisted Living market, whose expectations are different from the previous generation, there will be a greater call for variety and healthier options. Senior housing is evolving and operators are pouring more time and resources into their culinary programs to drive profits and provide unique customer experiences.

A Few Minutes Can Go A Long Way With Your Staff

A Few Minutes Can Go A Long Way With Your Staff

Communication is key. It is not uncommon for the average employee to work several shifts without any meaningful interaction from their supervisor concerning how things are going. Some may hear this and think, “that must be nice, I don’t like my boss.” But from a business perspective, there are so many issues that can be avoided by simply checking in and embracing open and supportive lines of communication.

Hidden Factors That Can Lead To Falls

Hidden Factors That Can Lead To Falls

As a senior care provider, you are checking up on the health conditions of your residents on a regular basis. Is your staff missing some important details about the fall risks of older people? For most of us, a simple fall is more embarrassing than anything serious, but in assisted living environments the stakes are much higher. That’s why it’s important to educate your entire team about the “hidden” factors that can directly or indirectly lead to a fall.