“I Care A Lot” – Thoughts on Elder Abuse

“I Care A Lot” is a Netflix film that centers around the topic of elder abuse. This film has many people talking about the dangers our seniors face as they age. We welcome the discussion as we reassert our belief that senior health and happiness need to be the primary motivations for senior care and related industries.

Popular Hobbies for Seniors

The zest for life never ends and seniors in their twilight years want to experience just as much of it as their younger counterparts. So, they have lost a step and they can’t always remember where they put their keys, their desire to accomplish and derive purpose is still strong, so here are a few hobbies that your senior might want to explore.

Caregivers, Take Care of Yourself

We’ve gotten through the holidays and in regards to the pandemic, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now is a great time for a reminder to residential assisted living operators and care staff of the importance of taking care of yourself. Caring for others can be taxing and with the stress of the past few months, it’s time for a check-up.