National Search For Senior Talent

Seniors are making an impact like never before. Whether on social media or in the news, we are seeing more and more senior connection and talent than we have in years. And now that talent is being tapped with a talent showcase celebrating older adults.

Do You Know the Value of Your Business?

If you are a residential assisted living owner or operator, your business means a lot to you. It is your heart, and you’ve put a great deal into it. But do you know the value of your brand? Do you know how to objectively appraise that value? And do you know what an honest appraisal of your RAL brand can do for you and your business?

The Economics of Recovery for Small Assisted Living Residences

Brian J. Pinkowski, Esq., President There’s no doubt that the pandemic caused a decline in occupancy in most assisted living residences across the U.S. with as many as 1 in four units vacant as of January 2021. Reports from NIC and others suggest that occupancy seems to be showing signs of improving. But, several factors are …

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Mindfulness & Empathy

If there’s one thing the world could use a little more of, it’s empathy. Those who work in the assisted living industry know this all too well. The medical community has recognized the power of mindfulness and compassion and the effects on those who need care, especially those who are non-commutative.

Disposing of Unused Medication

One thing many seniors in this country have in common is the usage of numerous medications to treat a variety of conditions. But what about unused medication? What should assisted living facilities do about it and how to dispose of it safely?

Why Your Business Needs You to Be Networking

Whether your residential assisted living business has been around for a long time, or you are just getting started, networking is crucial to your success. Making connections to support your goals and introduce you to potential clients, suppliers, and partners will make all the difference.