October Newsletter

Your Success Matters To Us Some opportunities are appealing, and some are simply irresistible. We believe in pursuing investment opportunities that motivate, fill you with purpose, and leave a lasting legacy. This is why we are so committed to helping as many people as possible find their place in the world of residential assisted living …

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RALNA Legislative/Regulatory Update September 13, 2021

In our recent webinar on COVID-19 Risk Management for RALs and Group Homes, we promised to share tracking tools so that members can monitor the rapidly changing state of the law on vaccine mandates. We now have these tools available for you. Vaccine mandates – and prohibitions on vaccine mandates – are being issued by …

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RALNA Regulatory Update August 28, 2021

District of Columbia Emergency Rulemaking – COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate On August 23, 2021, the DC Department of Health adopted an Emergency rulemaking that mandates vaccines for all healthcare workers. This emergency rulemaking expires on December 20, 2021, or upon publication of a final rulemaking. The rule mandates that the following healthcare workers receive the first …

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National Search For Senior Talent

Seniors are making an impact like never before. Whether on social media or in the news, we are seeing more and more senior connection and talent than we have in years. And now that talent is being tapped with a talent showcase celebrating older adults.

Working to Tackle the Traffic Boogie Man

Brian J. Pinkowski, Esq., President How much additional traffic does a Residential Assisted Living Home (“RAL”) generate in a residential neighborhood? This is a question often raised by cities and neighbors when a new RAL is proposed for a residential neighborhood. The national standard used by cities to determine the potential traffic impact is from …

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Do You Know the Value of Your Business?

If you are a residential assisted living owner or operator, your business means a lot to you. It is your heart, and you’ve put a great deal into it. But do you know the value of your brand? Do you know how to objectively appraise that value? And do you know what an honest appraisal of your RAL brand can do for you and your business?

The Evolving Regulatory Framework for RALs

Brian Pinkowski, President We have had an opportunity to be behind the scenes with the development of legislation in Colorado recently where we supported the Colorado Assisted Living Association with its legislative proposal to separate small assisted living from the regulations designed for the large facilities with hundreds of residents. The proposed bill to separate …

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