April 2020 newsletter

April 2020

We Are Here For You

As we continue to seek the highest quality of care for all of our nation’s seniors during these trying times we want to remind you all of the reason that we got into assisted living in the first place…to help our seniors. We want to make sure that regardless of what is going on around us, that they are cared for and not forgotten.

Residential assisted living is so critical to the health of seniors in this country, now more than ever. With single-family homes that have less residents and a better caregiver-to- senior ratio than the traditional big box facilities, we know we are in the right business to keep seniors safe and healthy during these trying times.

We want to encourage you to continue to provide amazing care in a safe and secure environment and help ensure that we all get through this together. The RAL National Association is here for you…to support you and provide guidance along the way. We are better together.

And Don’t Forget About Your GPO Member Benefits

Our national membership base allows RALNA to offer robust group buying power so members save money and increase profitability.

Get discounts on things you purchase every day. We have partnered with Navigator Group Purchasing to provide discounts with over 200 vendors in the senior living space. You can tap into these discounts for a pricing advantage to reduce your expenses and increase value for your residents.


Guide To Retaining Qualified Staff

Retaining quality staff is a significant issue for assisted living homeowners and managers. Staff retention requires several tools and strategies that must be implemented and monitored regularly. Homeowners win with staff retention strategies which provide several positive results: caregivers have less stress and are more productive, caregivers are happier in their jobs and less likely to leave, and best of all, happy and satisfied caregivers have very positive impacts on your residents and their families

Seniors Living with Chronic Pain

In the right situation, pain is a wonderful mechanism. It is our body’s way of alerting us to injury and letting us know something needs to change in order for us to heal. Unfortunately, chronic pain, with little relief and no apparent end in sight is reportedly on the rise. The effects of chronic pain can trigger depression, isolation, reckless behavior in pursuit of relief and even cause lasting changes to personality. Seniors face the greatest risk to living with chronic pain. Fortunately, modern medicine and various forms of therapy can be effective in treating it. How are addressing chronic pain in you seniors?

Water Is Vital – How to Get Seniors to Drink More of It

Water…one of the building blocks of life. Everything we do is made possible by water. The organs and complex systems in our body can’t work without it. Even minor dehydration can have a significant impact on our body’s function. Maintaining proper fluid levels helps optimize all the systems of our bodies and our health. But are our seniors getting enough of it?

Guide to Triggers for Seniors With Dementia

When seniors show signs of extreme confusion, frustration, and emotional distress, caregivers need to know how to handle such sensitive situations. These are often symptoms of dementia. Understanding their needs and patterns of behavior sheds light on how to care for dementia care residents.


Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT

Keeping the Calm for Residents with Dementia

w/ Jan Dougherty

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Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT

Marketing Opportunities that Lie Within the Challenges of Today

w/ Scott Wells

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Monday, Apr 27, 2020

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT

Learn How to Purify the Air in Your Home Using Probiotics

w/ Jeff Robinson

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