April 2021 Newsletter

Thank You Health Care Workers

This month we want to give a huge shout out to all the health care workers in our community.

They are truly an inspiration to us all. This past year has been so turbulent for many of them and their day-to-day lives have changed dramatically. But they stood up and faced the challenges head-on, providing love and care to their patients and residents without hesitation.

We at the AL Family, could not be more thankful for their sacrifice and energy during this massive time of need. Health care workers are angels!

If you are a health care worker, we salute you and all you’ve done, this year and always. If you have a health care worker in your life, give them a big hug for us, because surely if anyone needs support and love right now, it’s them.

From all of us, we thank you! We support you! We love you! And we thank you for your heart, willingness, ability and sacrifice.

Happy April,
Isabelle Guarino

The Reality of Employee Turnover and Why It Matters

The Reality of Employee Turnover and Why It Matters

As one of the largest generational groups in American history enters their senior years, the demand for caregivers has never been greater. Retaining quality staff is sometimes an issue for assisted living homeowners and managers. Therefore, it is critically important to utilize unique tools and strategies to hire and retain the right caregivers.

Relaxation & Meditation for Seniors

When most of us think of relaxing, it usually involves getting cozy on the couch to read a good book or watch T.V. However, there are simple techniques that can help seniors reduce stress, lower blood pressure and promote overall wellness for the body and mind.

The Best Vitamins for Seniors

As we age, poor habits from our younger years begin to affect the body more profoundly. When seniors can’t consume sufficient vitamins and minerals to maintain active living through diet, vitamin supplements might be a great option.

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Finding The Right Manager For Your RAL Business

There is nothing like having a skilled and cohesive team that runs like a well-oiled machine. Perfect synergy is rare in the business world, but there are things we can do to help select the right people and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

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