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What does it mean to live your legacy? It means to live with purpose, passion, and integrity… to use your gifts and talents to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It means to share your story, your wisdom, and your values with those who will follow in your footsteps. It means to be remembered for who you are and what you do.

Here at the RAL Academy, we often find ourselves in awe of the work that so many of you are doing in your communities. This business is unique. It’s rare to find an investment that offers so much ROI, both personally and financially, and that is exactly what investing in residential assisted living affords. We’ve heard from many of you over the past few months who have seen the fruits of your labor pay off as you’ve opened your own RAL homes and begun serving the seniors in your community. We couldn’t be more happy to help as a resource on your journey.

We believe that investing is not only about making money but also about making a difference. That’s why we are committed to helping you grow your wealth and your impact.

For those of you who are still exploring if the RAL opportunity is right for you, we encourage you to ask questions and begin to take the next step.

It is your legacy, and no one else can live it but you.

Do Good and Do Well
The RAL Academy Team

Are You Interested In RAL, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Living Legacy is the inspirational story of Isabelle Guarino’s journey and life-changing experiences through residential assisted living. This book is an incredible resource for anyone looking to build their own financial legacy and pursue their dreams. This book answers all your questions about what it means to own a Residential Assisted Living home. You’ll learn about the industry from an expert who has real-life experience successfully building and running these businesses.

If you’re curious about the investment potential of senior housing, Living Legacy is the best place to start. Order your FREE copy today!

Join the Young Boss network, a space for today’s young leaders to connect, challenge, and support each other, through this book and the Young Boss Podcast.

Residential Assisted Living Costs

Aging comes for us all, and the reality is that most of us will need some kind of long-term care services or support during our twilight years. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 70% of people older than the age of 65 will require long-term care at some point in their lives. This article will explore the associated costs of assisted living, how to find the right facility, how to pay for it, and more…

The RAL Academy is the nation’s premier training resource to help novice and seasoned entrepreneurs take advantage of the incredible investment opportunity in Residential Assisted Living.

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Business Legacy Podcast with Paul Dio

What does assisted living have to do with legacy? Today we explore the profitability of residential assisted living, and the financial stability it offers, combined with building a legacy of doing good in your community.

The Millionaire Mind Podcast with Dallon Schultz

Explore how investing in residential assisted living secures ROI regardless of market cycles and fluctuations. Don’t miss out on this conversation to learn how to sustainably generate profit while providing exceptional customer service in a family-owned business.

Click HERE to listen to our latest podcasts all about RAL!

Get On the Fast Track to Residential Assisted Living Success

Learn how a single-family home can net you $5k-15k CASH FLOW every single month!

We have trained thousands across the nation on how to build their financial legacies with our proven RAL Formula™. Whether you are looking for supplemental income or a new path in your career, the investment opportunities in Residential Assisted Living are undeniable.

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Leadership & The Art of Listening

Good leaders are constantly growing, improving, and helping others do the same. And owners of assisted living homes find that care staff and other partners will develop a sense of ownership in the house when you listen to them. When they see their ideas and suggestions put into action, they know they matter and more fully buy-in…

Simple No-Fail Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Regardless of your resident’s experience with Alzheimer’s, there’s still a prevailing need to feel successful in order to continue to live with purpose and dignity. Here are some suggestions you can employ in your residential assisted living home to keep your seniors engaged, especially those with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

The PASSIVE Solution to ACTIVE Investing Challenges!

Active investing is a great way to build wealth, but it also comes with a lot of challenges that can be difficult to navigate. In Residential Assisted Living, these challenges are much easier to navigate because of the bigger cash flow, accrued equity, and longevity of your investment.

Watch this short video to learn more about passively investing in Residential Assisted Living, what makes RAL a great alternative for active investing, and how it can help you navigate the challenges in today’s real estate market!

Watch now to learn more about how RAL can help you prepare for your own future and how RAL Academy can help you get started! If you want to learn more about how to get started go to RAL101.com right now!

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