October 2023 Newsletter

Thank you to all of you who came out to Phoenix last month and made the Residential Assisted Living National Convention such a special event. We are in the assisted living business because we want to help change lives, and we couldn’t do it without you.

At RAL NAT CON 2023 we came together to connect, learn, and grow as a community. We heard from some incredible experts who shared their secrets to success and inspired us to strive to take our businesses and investments to the next level.

We loved seeing all the networking, the connections, and partnerships being made, as well as speaking with so many of you and hearing your unique stories. When you’re trying to accomplish something as significant as changing the senior living industry for the better, it helps to be surrounded by quality people. And we couldn’t be more proud of all of you who engage with the RAL Academy & the RAL National Association. We’re glad you are part of the family.

For those who missed out on this once-a-year event, or maybe you did attend but would like a refresher on all the amazing content that was presented, we’ve got you covered. We recorded every presentation from our incredible speakers for you to go back to and explore at your own pace, so sign up now and get lifetime access to our Expert Session Recordings.

We’re already prepping for RAL NAT CON 2024 so mark your calendars!

October 3-5, 2024 – Phoenix, Arizona

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Are You Interested In RAL, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Living Legacy is the inspirational story of Isabelle Guarino’s journey and life-changing experiences through residential assisted living. This book is an incredible resource for anyone looking to build their own financial legacy and pursue their dreams. This book answers all your questions about what it means to own a Residential Assisted Living home. You’ll learn about the industry from an expert who has real-life experience successfully building and running these businesses.

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A Demographic Time Bomb Is About to Go Off

The senior population in America is on the verge of growing at an unprecedented rate. Some people are concerned that this may be a potential disaster on the horizon. Forward-thinking business owners see it as an opportunity.

Accessing the Power to Create Your Success

Every entrepreneur enters the market with the intention to succeed, but the fact that not all achieve that goal just may come down to knowing and embracing personal power. Here we will explore how to find the tools to help you reach your destination.

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The RAL Academy is the nation’s premier training resource to help novice and seasoned entrepreneurs take advantage of the incredible investment opportunity in Residential Assisted Living.

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Start Building Your Financial Future at the 3-Day FAST TRACK

We have trained thousands across the nation on how to build their financial legacies with our proven RAL Formula™. Whether you are looking for supplemental income or a new path in your career, the investment opportunities in Residential Assisted Living are undeniable. Learn how a single-family home can net you $5k-15k CASH FLOW every single month!

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October 12th-15th

What You Need to Know About Brand Tracking

Your business IS your brand. From consumer loyalty to the public’s perception of what it is you do; your brand and its reputation determine how the world interacts with your business. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how your brand is seen?

The Growing Demand for Environmentally Friendly Assisted Living

As awareness of the impact of climate change and environmental degradation continues to grow, so too does the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable assisted living homes.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Scott Lovitt

A former RAL Academy student turned support staff member, Scott Lovitt, Pharm D, is a residency-trained pharmacist, real estate investor, and co-owner of Audubon Care Homes in New Orleans.

With 20 years of work in the healthcare industry as both a clinician and an IT consultant for health organizations across the country, he uses his wealth of knowledge and passion to find new and innovative ways to improve care for seniors.

After hearing Gene speak at a REIA meeting in his home city, he was inspired to attend the RALA 3-Day training in Phoenix. He joined the platinum inner circle, and shortly after opened his first RAL home. Now, he and his wife Michelle have two successful RAL homes and are about to open two more homes in Metairie.

“The financial benefits of owning a RAL home are great, but more than that, the connection that we have with our residents and their families is what makes this business so special.”

Scott’s advice for those just starting in the RAL industry is, “Be patient. Ask for help from those who have gone before you. Learn from other people’s mistakes. And once you’re successful, it is important to give back and thank those who have helped you along the way. Nobody does this by themselves.” He has a team of people who have helped support and guide him, and now he enjoys mentoring and coaching other RALA students so they can succeed as well!

Is Residential Assisted Living RECESSION-PROOF?

What do people do during recessions? What makes residential assisted living recession-resistant? What should you look out for during recessions as a RAL homeowner?

Care and assistance are necessities and not necessarily something that people stop paying for, no matter how challenging times get. Watch now to learn more about what makes residential assisted living recession-resistant and what you should look out for in a recession as an owner.

If you want to learn more about how to get started go to RAL101.com right now!

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